Grotta della Poesia, Italy

la Grotta della Poesia, ( translates from Italian as “The Cave of Poetry”) is a Romantic and delightful natural pool to the shores of the Adriatic  sea, south east Italy coast right next to the little town of  Roca vecchia (also known as Roca). The pool is accessed by diving or walking down the artificial steps which were cut into the rocks (can get a bit slippery sometimes). The water is crystal clear and great for snorkeling due to the many fish that swim around joyfully, just make sure no one is about to dive and hit you while snorkeling.
Near by there is also an archaeological site, which features many Greek and Latin engravings.

Pack yourself a cooler with food, bring lots of sunscreen and hit this amazing natural pool.


  • Mornings are less crowded (and with a chance for a parking spot)
  • Not recommended for families with small kids

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Google map of Grotta della Poesia:

Next 2 photos by Angelo Pentassuglia (flickr):

Grotta della Poesia

Grotta della Poesia

Grotta della Poesia

Grotta della Poesia


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