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World treasures

Discover world treasures, many of which are still missing, such as buried loot, fortunes hidden by emperors and kings; as well as other historically valuable objects that have been lost; Do not miss it.

World treasures

The treasures of the world are represented not only by gold or jewels; but also for relics, antiques and other objects of high value as part of history; what could have been hidden by someone who had fame, gold and power at the time; but they have not yet been found; such as those indicated below:

Fake map of El Dorado

A map created by the pirate of English origin Walter Raleigh, who traveled to the current country of Venezuela, after hearing rumors of the presence of a city full of treasures.

He seized on an expedition in the year 1617 towards this mythical destination, massacring indigenous people in his path; but he arrived back in England, carrying a map created by him based on the stories of the primitive inhabitants of this territory, without anyone believing his story, after which he was executed.

Atahualpa’s Gold

One of the world’s treasures not yet found, based on stories dating back to 1553, when Francisco Pizarro kidnapped Atahualpa, the last Inca sovereign, and for whose ransom a room full of gold was demanded.

Pizarro, despite having covered the ransom, ordered Atahualpa to be executed; but as revenge the Incas stole the gold; to later throw it in the Yanacocha lake; of which there is no more than a copy of the original map created by Richard Spruce exhibited at the Natural History Museum in London.

Captain Kidd’s Treasure

Kidd was one of the most famous pirates in history who was sentenced to hang by a London court; who negotiated his freedom by revealing through a letter the location of his treasures.

In it he indicated where the wealth he had accumulated with the robberies he carried out year after year at sea were; but pardon was denied to him and he ended up being hanged.

By 1929, this letter was found in an old desk that was being auctioned and it indicated the coordinates of the location of Kidd’s treasure on a supposed island in the China Sea; the one that didn’t really exist physically.

Montezuma’s Gold

Historians have established that during the year 1520 Hernán Cortes snatched from Moctezuma, the emperor of the Mexica Empire, a large amount of gold, which never left the country and was hidden by the government of this nation in the year 1847 and has not yet been located.

Jesse James Treasure

A treasure known as the booty of Jesse James, who was a famous American gunfighter assassinated in the year of 1882 by Bob Ford.

After his death, the treasure was searched for by the miner Ben Morton, who died in 1930 without finding it; based on a map obtained by the priest who gave the last rites to James’s brother; but scholars indicate that it was a fraud, deciphering only the figure of a wolf.

Olonés Treasure

A fisherman named Joaquín Garrido indicated that he was a descendant of a pirate from the crew of the famous Olonés and that he had also hidden a treasure, which was usual among this type of sailors.

A map was found among Garrido’s belongings, by some travelers who were heading to Cuba; but no one has been able to identify the island indicated on it; what could have been a fraud, what happened on more than one occasion during the 19th century, with the sale of supposed maps of hidden treasures in the Caribbean; acquired by unsuspecting dreamers.

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