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Jacob’s Well, Texas, USA

Jacob’s Well is a large perennial spring (4 meters in diamter) it flows out of the most extensive underwater cave system in Texas, in the United States. Jacob’s Well is actually the fountainhead of Cypress Creek and it is located just a few miles north of Wimberley in Texas Hill Country. the “well”  is about 10 meters in depth,at the bottom there is a series of chambers which scuba divers tend to visit since the decrease in water flow, Jacob’s Well hass very dangerous underwater caves – at least eight divers were killed while exploring the bottom chambers.

For more information visit Wikipedia – Jacob’s Well, Texas

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Google map of Jacob’s Well, Texas

Next 2 Photos by Monica Shaw, visit (flickr) (website)

Jacob's Well - TX

Jacob’s Well – TX

Jacob's Well - TX

Jacob’s Well – TX

Next photo by PaddyMurphy who took it from the Diver’s point of view

Jacobs Well  -  Diver's point of view

Jacobs Well – Diver’s point of view

Next 2 Photos by carl griffin visit (flickr) (website)

Jacob's Well - TX

Jacob’s Well – TX

Jacob's Well - TX

Jacob’s Well – TX


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  1. iam from slovakia. this well is very nice. my english is too bad… i now :D

    velmi pekne miesto.. ak sa raz dostanem do USA tak na toto miesto ma bude urcite tahat a budem to chciet vidiet aj na vlastne oci

    • Your English is just fine!! I’m so glad to hear that you came to Texas in America and saw this well! My son, Steve, loves it!!

  2. Jay Williams says:

    Enjoyed seeing these photos. Back in the 70’s my wife and I camped many times at Jacob’s Well on the adjacent Harwell property. Also enjoyed many day and night dives in the well. First dive was with a “shorty” wetsuit. Almost froze to death. needless to say, all subsequent dives were with a FULL wetsuit.

  3. Beginning September 2, 2014, Jacob’s Well will be closed for swimming until Spring 2015. Note that scuba diving is NOT allowed at any time. Natural Area will be open for other activities 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily beginning Sept. 2 — hiking, birding, etc. Parks Info line is 512-847-2140.

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