People have always been enchanted by the beauty and splendor of falling water, the roar of the waterfalls is music to many people’s ears. If you are one of them, this list is just for you, The world’s 10 most amazing waterfalls.





Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Photo by dwfphoto



Mitchell Falls, Australia

Picture by Andrew Dickman (Visit his amazing website)

Mitchell Falls


Mangatini Falls, New Zealand

Next Picture by copyright 2012 Hugh van Noorden

Mangatini Falls, New Zealand


Skógafoss, Iceland

Picture by Sigurdur Agnar Sigurbjornsson, visit his flickr



Plitvice Lakes, Croatia 

Picture by Philipp Häfeli (flickr)

Plitvice Lakes


Havasu Falls, USA

Photo by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino (500px), (Website)

Havasu Falls, USA


Iguassu falls, Argentina & Brazil 

Photo by David Rochas (websitefacebook page)

Iguacu Falls


Victoria Falls, Zambia & Zimbabwe

Photo by Tobias Seiderer (Visit his site)

Victoria Falls


Angel Falls, Venezuela


Angel Falls, Venezuela


Niagara Falls, USA / Canada

Probably the world’s most famous waterfalls, many wrote us that the main reason for making it their favorite most amazing waterfall is due to the fact that there is a boat ride which enables one to reach close to the enormous stream of gushing and roaring falling water, this is truly a spectacular spot.

Photo by Felipe Sanchez 

Niagara Falls


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