10 Items every traveler needs

You are not actually ready for your next SUPER adventure until you have seen these 10 perfect travel items:

#10 – Scratch Off World Map Poster

It’s probably the best way to remind yourself – when you’re not on a jet on your way to an adventure – that you should be on your way to an adventure… This scratch off world map poster is just a great way to keep track of the amazing places you’ve been to. GET IT ON AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N1OT0OQ


Scratch Off, World Map Poster


#9 – World map Adventure watch

A nice way to have the world on your wrist

#8 – Smart Jacket

a heated jacket with mobile charging, you can wear with equal comfort and style from the mountains to the office without missing a beat:

#7 – Off Grid Connectivity

Whether you’re traveling overseas, spending time outdoors, attending a crowded event, or preparing for an emergency, goTenna Mesh is useful in any situation where cell service or wifi is unavailable, unreliable or unaffordable by empowering you to create essential connectivity during any adventure.


#6 – Smart Water Bottle

The HidrateMe bottle tracks your water intake and syncs to an app on your phone.
It automatically sets your daily goal based on your personal parameters.

#5 – PhoneDrone

Do you want to take crazy photos on your travels? Probably not going to carry a heavy drone around? your smartphone already has a powerful processor and multiple sensors. Why pay for all those things over again when buying a drone:

#4 – The Ultimate Travel Underwear

This product that makes traveling easier and solves the problem of your boxer briefs riding and bunching up with a Anti-stink technology, for real.. Anti-stink:

#3 – digital flashlight

Luxor the world’s first digital flashlight that allows users to dynamically adjust the width of the beam with the push of a button. LED monitor that measures the flashlight’s light output, battery life, battery health.

#2 – Folding Solar Panel

We like electricity so much, right? well this portable folding Solar Panel has all the power you need when there’s no power around

#1 – One Second Everyday App

Ok..ok, So we chose the #1 Item and it is actually an app… watch this TED talk by the creators and you’ll understand why you need to set it up before you go on a long adventure: