Pedra Da Tartaruga, Brazil

Pedra Da Tartaruga, (Which translates as “Stone Tortoise”) is a Rock that resembles a Tortoise and over looking “Praia do Perigoso” (translates as “The Dangerous beach“) just under a 2 hours drive from central Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (And just one hour drive from Copacabana). The closest neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro is Barra de Guaratiba and is located to the west of the Rock. Praia do Perigoso is probably one of the most relaxed beaches in Brazil but… and it’s a big one – it takes a 3 kilometers path, which is nearly one hour, to hike from Barra de Guaratiba (there is also a way of getting to the beach via taxi boat) yet weekends tend to be crowded around summertime and the beach is used as a camping spot, unfortunately there is very little awareness of picking up trash so this beach get dirty every now and then . Many people rappel from Pedra Da Tartaruga since the view is beautiful.

For more information about the closest neighborhood visit Wikipedia – Barra de Guaratiba





Google map of Pedra Da Tartaruga

Shot by  Leonardo Bittencourt (Instagram)

Pedra Da Tartaruga, Brazil

Pedra Da Tartaruga, Brazil

shot by Ellison Alves (flickr Some rights reserved)

Pedra Da Tartaruga

Pedra Da Tartaruga – looks like a Turtle from behind

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