Kalyazin Bell Tower, Russia

Nikolsky Cathedral Bell Tower, also known as the Flooded Belfry and Kalyazin Bell Tower found on the Volga River, on the Uglich Reservoir.

The neoclassical Bell Tower is 244 feet (74 meters) tall, It is facing Kalyazin, an old town in Tver Oblast, in the northwest of  Russia.  The Bell Tower was built in around the year 1800 and it was the highest point of the St. Nicholas Monastery ( in 1939 the Uglich Reservoir & dam submerged large parts of old Kalyazin including most of St. Nicholas Monastery)

It is a stunning sight and the number one rated attraction and only accessible by boat. It’s important to note, though, that you cannot get off of the boat as there is no landing area.

The perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of this stunning cathedral is via boat. Ideally, a 7-day cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg. The cities may just be 400 miles by land, however, the cruise travels through 10 different canals, lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. In addition to seeing Kalyazin’s Bell Tower, you get great views of the Kremlin, Red Square, the Mariinsky Theatre, and glimpses of everyday life in Russia.

A 5-day cruise is available for as little as 300 euros, while a 7-day cruise costs around 530 euros. Opting for any cruise over 11 days is likely to cost upward of 1,000 euros.

Alternatively, there is a small boat on Kalyazin’s shore. The bell tower itself is close enough to the shore to swim to, so the small boat makes frequent trips with tourists. When you stay in Kalyazin as a guest they offer guided walking tours of the village, as well as the small boat trip.

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Google map of Kalyazin Bell Tower:

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Kalyazin Bell Tower, Russia

Kalyazin Bell Tower, Russia



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