Trollkyrkja, Sykkylven, Norway

Trollkyrkja lies in Fræna -28kms north of the city Molde – Norway.
Trollkyrkja (or Trollkirka) means in Norwegian The Troll’s church, named after the mountain’s peaks which resembles a gathering of trolls.
The Troll’s church consists of three lime-caves with underground streams and beautiful waterfals.
In the past there were four caves, but one has collapsed and is no longer considered a cave.




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It is fairly easy to travel inside the caves (a flashlight is needed) even though a river flows through the cave system, the caves has some places with holes on top, from which daylight enters. The caves are about 500 meters above sea level, two of the lower caves have waterfalls that cascade 14 meters down into an amazing white marble pool.

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Trollkyrkja, Troll church

Trollkyrkja, Troll church

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Trollkyrkja, The waterfall hall

Trollkyrkja, The waterfall hall


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