The tiger’s Nest, Bhutan

The temple of Paro Taktsang, which means The tiger’s Nest, stands up high on the side of a cliff above the Paro Valley in Bhutan. This is an amazing Monastery which is built in a location that seems impossible to reach, at an altitude of 3,120 meters. There are three mountain paths leading to the Monastery. All the structures are connected to each other by steps which were curved out of the mountain’s rock. The inner design of the temple is impressive and includes a gold-plated dome in its center and flashing lights that illuminate a thousand carved Buddhas. In the Monastery there is also a large tiger statue, which is the emblem of the place, The legend says that the location of the monastery was chosen by a female Tiger, which brought the founder of Buddhism in Bhutan on her back to that same spot.

In order to visit the monastery, a state visa must be issued to Paro International Airport.
The Airport is no more than 10 kilometers from the monastery.

For more information visit Wikipedia – Paro Taktsang





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The tiger's Nest, Bhutan

The tiger’s Nest, Bhutan

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