The Victoria Beach Tower, USA

The Victoria Beach Tower (a.k.a the “Pirate Tower” by locals) is actually a 18 meters tall spiral staircase built within an English Romanesque Tower. It is located in southern Orange County,(CaliforniaUSA). The Tower was built in 1926 as an enclosed staircase (leading to the beach from the towering residence on top of the cliff) commissioned by William Edward Brown, a senator from L.A at the time, as his summer vacation house for his family.
Nowadays the staircase in the castle like tower is closed (and has been for many years), still – this unique tower is a major tourist & photographers attraction in the area. Victoria Beach is located south of main beach (apart of Laguna Beach).

#Tips: Make sure to check the schedule and head down during low tide. The Tower can be accessed only around low tide.  The beach is rocky, and the rocks can be slippery as the tide comes in.




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Google Map of The Victoria Beach Tower:

Next photo by John Fellner (Some rights reserved)




Next photo by the beautiful and talented Chloë Avalon (visit her instagram)

the Victoria Beach Tower

the Victoria Beach Tower

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