The Boreal Forest, Canada

The Canadian Boreal Forest  is one of the biggest forests and wetland ecosystems which are still left on the face of the earth (a Boreal Forests are also known as “Taiga”). The Canadian Boreal Forest has a very large populations of wolves, grizzly bears, and woodland caribou. The Canadian Boreal Forest contains about 1.5 million lakes which are 80% earth’s fresh water (excluding frozen areas) also some of Canada’s largest lakes can be found there.  In Alberta, around 90% of cutlines (almost a decade later) have not yet regrown and mark the earth as man made scars(Cutlines are narrow and linear features created as a part of geophysical surveys). Instead cutlines accumulate water and become small canals.

Since 2004, a videographer/photographer from Montreal named Eamon Mac Mahon. is spending around three months of each year working in the north of Canada and Alaska, he fondly named The Canadian Boreal Forest “Amazon of the North” and advocates for why Canada must give the Boreal forest some “room to breathe” (Click here for an article he wrote for the “Walrus magazine”) (or Click here for his website)
All 3 photos below are by Eamon Mac Mahon and are apart of his project –Amazon of the North”.

For more information about The Canadian Boreal Forest visit Wikipedia –  Boreal forest of Canada




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Google map of – The Canadian Boreal Forest area:

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Boreal forest of Canada

Boreal forest of Canada / Amazon of the North


Boreal forest of Canada - An old cutline with water

Boreal forest of Canada – An old cutline with water


About 6% of Canadians works in the forestry sector

About 6% of Canadians work in the forestry sector

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