The Statue of Decebalus, Romania

The Statue of Decebalus is located near the town of Orsova, in southwestern Romania. The Statue is carved into the mountain rock and depicting Decebalus, the last king of Dacia (Dacia was the land occupied by the Dacians, during the 1st century BC and the 2nd century AD, Dacia  is located in present day Romania) . The monument is about 40 meters tall (the tallest rock sculpture in Europe).
The Statue of Decebalus can only be reached by a boat ride but it can be seen from the road (there is even some kind of parking lot in which you stop and view the danube and the monument from a  far.) The Statue of Decebalus took 10 years to carve and even though it looks like it is as old as the ruler of Dacia it self it is pretty new to this world (sculptured from 1994 till 2004)  – Twelve sculptors worked on it. The entire  project was proposed and funded by one of the wealthiest Romanians ever lived, businessman Iosif Constantin Drăgan (1917 – 2008), it is believed that daragan spent one million u.s dollars over this project. There is an inscription (in Latin)  right under the carved face, it says: “DECEBALUS REX—DRAGAN FECIT” (or in English -“King Decebal—Made by Drăgan”).

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The Statue of Decebalus, Romania

The Statue of Decebalus, Romania

The Statue of Decebalus

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