Road of 52 tunnels, Italy

The Road of 52 tunnels” (also known as Strada delle 52 Gallerie and Strada della Prima Armata ) was built during World War I by The Italian Army (Esercito Italiano) in a very short time, back then the road was designated for mules which carried equipment and supplies to the Italian front lines. The road is situated in northern Italy (about 90 minutes drive from Verona)  and it connects Porte del Pasubio and Bocchetta Campiglia. Nowadays the old mule road is an amazing outdoor experience, It is a hike is relatively strenuous but the view of the whole region is well worth the while. If you have a fear of heights, you might want to rethink this hike 🙂


  • Rocks can get slippery at times, mind your steps during the hike
  • Not recommended for kids, it is about 6 hours round-trip
  • Check before you go, sometimes tunnles close up due to snow/ice
  • Be sure to bring flesh light and warm cloths (even during summer)

For more information about the area visit Wikipedia – Strada delle 52 Gallerie




 scratch off your past travels with this map

Google map of the road:

Next photo of the view from the 15th tunnel  by Vajo (PD)

The Road of 52 tunnels

The Road of 52 tunnels

Marius Jesse (instagram)

Road of 52 tunnels

Road of 52 tunnels



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