Pemaquid Point Light, USA

The Pemaquid Point Light is a celebrated lighthouse in the USA right off Bristol, Lincoln County, Maine. Maine takes pride in its Pemaquid Point Lighthouse which is known to be one of the most breathtaking and picturesque ocean view on the eastern coast of the usa. Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is also known as a place where people choose to spend their honeymoon or even a step sooner – tie the knot.
John Quincy Adams commissioned and built the lighthouse in 1827. Salt water was used in the mortar mix, the lighthouse began to crumble down. It was in 1835 when a new structure was replaced with a new contract that fresh water shall be used in the construction.
An Argand-Lews parabolic reflector was originally used as the light lit with candles and has a visibility of 2 miles or 3.2 kilometres. Fresnel Lens was used in 1856 after Augustin Fresnel discovered a new way of focusing the lights during that era. Today, there are six Fresnel lenses which are still in service in Maine. This gorgeous lighthouse has attracted lot of people and artists through the years. Edward Hopper captured an image of the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in 1929 watercolour. Drawing over 100,000 tourists every year, this is a place to reckon for a holiday.
Today, Permaquid Lighthouse gleams under the sun after extensive process of restoration. The exteriors of the Lighthouse were done in 2007 through the efforts of the Lowe’s Companies and the National Trust for Historic Preserve Pemaquid Point Light park is run by the Bristol Parks and Recreation Department so there’s a $2 admission fee to park your car. A small price to pay for such a scenic, splendid place there is a restaurant overlooking the ocean (called “the sea gull”) So – when in Maine be sure to visit this place.

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Next photo’s credit – Tiger635 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Pemaquid lighthouse

Pemaquid lighthouse

Next photo’s credit: Fine Art Landscape Photography by Dennis Krukover (Dark Eclipse Studios)

Pemaquid  lighthouse

Pemaquid lighthouse

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