Ozone Falls, USA

Ozone Falls are located along Fall Creek in Tennessee, USA (just one hour drive from Burgess Falls). Ozone Falls is a good place to enjoy nature and stay away from the crowd if you visit during winter, on summertime well it is a popular and busy place. People park on both sides of the road and in a dirt lot under the near rail trestle..
You can visit the top of the waterfalls (35 meters tall) & base of the waterfalls and even go behind the falls. Unfortunately there is no railing preventing you from falling down so, just don’t get to close to the edge of the falls.
The hike down to the base of the waterfalls is not too difficult but can be slippery at times, good walking shoes are recommended.
If you are visiting during the summer it it also allot of fun to swim under the falls as they roar and gush around.
The Ozone Falls State Natural Area was created in 1973, and it is just 500 meters off  the main road (40).

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Photos by Ben Prepelka (vist his website)

Ozone Falls

Ozone Falls


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