Natural Bridge, Australia

Natural Bridge is a waterfall which over years of erosion curved a deep natural hole in the stone, truly a remarkable site. Natural Bridge, is located in Springbrook National Park ( a short drive from the Gold Coast – South East Queensland, Australia). There are viewing platforms inside the cave area and it is possible to spot the colonies of glow worms during night time (There are several organized night tours operators to the cave). The water from the waterfall make their way into the Nerang River. In the past swimming was permitted around the waterfall but nowadays it is no longer allowed in order to protect the glow worms habitat.

It is a fairly easy walk down to the arch, there are some slippery steps along the way (and the way back). There are cute picnic area and BBQ and the wet green foliage all around makes the short hike well worth while and at the same time very peaceful (The entire hike is no more than 1 kilometer – round trip).

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For more info visit Springbrook National Park On Wikipedia.

Google map of the Natural Bridge:

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Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

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Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

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