Lochnagar Crater, France

Lochnagar Crater is probably the most famous (and terrible) remainders to the pointless battle of the Somme (World War – I, France). The scale of Lochnagar Crater is immense (more than 90 meters wide and 30 meters deep.) The Lochnagar Crater was formed by a gigantic underground explosion set by British soldiers from the Royal Engineer tunnelling companies (also known as “The Moles”) which dug a 600 meters “attack tunnel” under the German trenches  where they then placed and detonated 2 mines on the 1st July 1916, long story short – it did not help the Brits too much and the battle of the Somme raged on for another four months in which more than 420,000 European men lost their life. The battle of the Somme was truly a war within a war which also was the first operation in history that the tank was used. Adolf Hitler was wounded in this battle (it’s a shame he didn’t die from the injury…)

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Lochnagar Crater france

Lochnagar Crater france


Photo by ©Mike St Maur Sheil / Mary Evans Collection

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Lochnagar Crater

Lochnagar Crater

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