Lake Braies, Italy

Lake Braies (in German: Pragser Wildsee) situated in South Tyrol, Italy. The lake is Hidden in the foothills of the Dolomites and is known for its spectacular reflections.
you can take a relaxed 1-2 hours leisure stroll around the lake (It is better to go clockwise), Rent a row-boat ( 10€ euros for 30 minutes) or hike up the ridge which is overlooking the lake.

1- To hike the ridge, turn west into Route #19, and then go up Route #22 to the ridge. Climbing up hill is not short, it is a bit hard and tiring, But the beautiful views that emerge from the top (and along the way back) are surly worth it. The path is circular.
2- On the lake’s shore there is a nice coffee shop that lays right above the lake, (and.. of course – a souvenir shop).

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Lake Braies

Lake Braies

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