Kawasan Falls, Philippines

Kawasan falls are located in the south west of Badian province, Cebu Island. It is a three tier cascade, and its water is coming from Kabukalan Spring. The water is very clear and have a distinct turquoise color. The first set of the waterfalls has a height of 40 meters, the second set is 20 meters tall, and the third and uppermost is a lot smaller and around 10 meters tall. It’s a very popular destination among locals and foreigners alike, who like to swim in the falls large pools, climb up the tiers, and participate in canyoneering through the Kanlaob River all the way down to the Kawasan Falls themselves.

Many of the locals believe that the water of Kawasan has healing powers, as the reserve keepers will testify. The first falls have the largest pool, and most visitors are gathered around it. There is a restaurant there where you can eat some delicious local food, and some stalls among the way where you can buy snacks, BBQ and banana Q (deep fried and caramelized Saba bananas). As you go up to the next levels it is a lot less crowded. That said, it’s best to visit Kawasan Fall in the middle of the week for the best experience.

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