Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Looking for an escape? Ittoqqortoormiit , Located on the east coast of Greenland (a part of Denmark) is the perfect place for you. Ittoqqortoormiit is known for it’s red, green yellow and blue colorful houses that truly look like a surreal scene planted and scattered in the snow. Nine months a year the way to the open sea is blocked by glaciers, There are no paved roads (any time of the year) and during winter (specifically January and February) the average temperature is about -18°C (-0.4°F) . During summer, around July and August, the average temperature climbs up as high as 3°C, HOT! aint it?
In mid-May and until the end of July the sun DOES NOT set at all, One long day (a.k.a Midnight Sun) it is also dog sledding season in case you wish for an interesting adventure in the nearby outback region (do not try to pet or feed the dogs, they are usually territorial and can bite), by the way polar bears are not a rare sight just out of town. During the rest of the year there is fewer daylight and winter is quite dark. Over the years, residents made their living mainly out of hunting bears and whales, although in recent years tourism in the area began to develop and provide additional income to locals. It is not an easy life, probably a good reason why the population is fewer than 500 residents and although there is only one pub in town there is also a small sized museum. “Ittoqqortoormiit” translates from Greenlandic as “Big-House inhabitants” (The town used to be named “Scoresbysund” after an English explorer William Scoresby, who mapped the area for the first time back in 1822).

TIP: Almost all houses in town do not have plumbing and therefor do not have a proper bathroom.. Nanu Travel (a local tourist office) has one.. enjoy 😉

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