Hjørundfjord swing, Norway

The beautiful Hjørundfjord swing is probably one of the most charming things to do in western Norway. Right next to the famous swing lays the breathtaking fjord of Hjørundfjord . The swing can be found in the garden of Christian-Gaard (an old farmhouse which was restored in 1999 and transformed into a pub & inn.) The inn is situated in the pastoral little village of Trandal. The only way to arrive into Trandal is by boat or a hike over a mountain, Yup you got it right – no road connects this village to the outside world! The swing is tied securely to a big old tree on the edge of the mountain close to Christian-Gaard.
“The story behind the swing…” as Lenita Storeide from Christan Gaard tells anyone who is eager to hear “… is as simple as that my grandfather would like us to have one, and so he put it up,” – and we must add – the simple joys of life are sometimes the best joys of life.

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Next photo by Pontus Dahl (Visit instagram)

Hjørundfjord swing, Norway

Hjørundfjord swing, Norway


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