Eternal Spring Shrine, Taiwan

The Eternal Spring Shrine (also known as the Changchun temple – which translate into – Long, Spring, or Ancestral shrine of Eternal) is situated on a cliffside  in Taroko National Park, in Hualian County not far from the town of Xiulin in Taiwan.

The Eternal Spring Shrine commemorates  226 Taiwanese Veterans who died while constructing  the Cross-Island Highway (during the late 1950’s). The water goes through the Shrine year-round.

The Eternal Spring Shrine is one of the most populat tourist attractions in Taiwan, and it is very majestic.  you can reach it in one of two ways:
A. a train to Xincheng Station, (and then a rental car to Baiyang Trail)
B. a train to Hualien  Station,  and then a  Hualien Bus to Changchun Temple stop. it has a large bus area where several buses can park togeather.

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Eternal Spring Shrine

Eternal Spring Shrine

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Eternal Spring Shrine, Taiwan

Eternal Spring Shrine, Taiwan

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