Ellidaey Island (Elliðaey), Iceland

Elliðaey is an island in the Westmann Islands, (south of Iceland). On this Island there is one lonely house. This hunting lodge is abandoned most of the year, and has now electricity. It has a fence surrounding the lodge from some odd reason… The lodge is being operated by “The Elliðaey Hunting Association” which built the lodge in 1953 for its members to use during puffin hunting season. The drinking water comes from deposition of rainwater. There is no plumbing but there is a… sauna! (how icelandic of them) Nowadays there are some puffins and seagulls nesting on the island but that’s just about all the wildlife you can find on the tiny island.

  • Unlike the popular urban legend the island does NOT belong to Björk, the famous singer from Iceland .
  • The island is about 0.5 square kilometers.
  • There is no way of visiting the Island unless you know a member of “The Elliðaey Hunting Association”
  • The house is visable from boat/ferry rides that go near the island.

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On the map:


Next 2 photos by Chris Zielecki (visit his flickr)

Ellidaey Island Iceland close up

Ellidaey Island Iceland close up

Ellidaey Island Iceland

Ellidaey Island Iceland


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