Easter Island, Chile

The Easter Island is a home the most well known archaeological sites in the Pacific Ocean. The Island is tiny and hilly of volcanic origin. The Easter Island is Located about  3,500 kilometers off the shores of Chile. a Mystery surrounds the meaning of the giant old statues (Named Moai). while the Moai statues are believed to be some sort of religious symbols, the way they were transported from the volcano quarry to their current locations around the Island puzzles many archaeologists to this day. Easter Island is about a 6 hour flight from Santiago. Prices on the island are pretty high, so prepare yourself. The name “Easter Island” was given by Jacob Roggeveen, in 1722, (the island’s first recorded European explorer, The island’s official Spanish name is Isla de Pascua, (which is “Easter Island” in Spanish). The  Polynesian name of the island is Rapa Nui.

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Google map of the Easter Island

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Next  photo by David Berkowitz (photo has been cropped  licenses cc 2.0)


Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island, Chile

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a Moai - Easter Island, Chile

a Moai – Easter Island, Chile

Next photo by Jesse Allen, NASA Earth (pd)

Easter Island from above

Easter Island from above


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