Cantonigròs waterfall, Spain

Cantonigròs waterfall and natural pool,(also known as La Foradada waterfall)  is located not far from a little town called Cantonigròs (a part of Osona region), situated in central Catalonia (close to  C-153 road), Spain. The hike is not difficult and the trek is marked with yellow marks. Cantonigròs waterfall is right next to a big hole in the limestone rock making the whole place look magical. the natural pool is just the place for hot summer days, though it is usually packed with people on those days. (parking is next to a soccer field that can be seen on the right on the map below).

For more information about the area visit Wikipedia – Osona




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Google map of – Cantonigròs waterfall

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Next Photo by Iñaki Relanzón

Cantonigros waterfall

Cantonigros waterfall

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