Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman

The Hawiyat Najm Park is in Northern Oman. Bimmah Sink hole is located in The Hawiyat Najm Park (Bimmah Sinkhole is also known as Dibab Sinkhole since it is situated on the road between Dibab & Bimmah, it is slightly closer to Dibab). Sinkholes are found worldwide (like “Ik kil“, in Mexico) all happen due to the natural process of erosion.

The water in the pool are in a unique shade of vibrant Turquoise,the pool roughly 550 meters from the sea, it is 40 meters wide and about 20 meters under the surface, there are little fish that are known to nibble people’s toes (in a fun ticklish non harmful way, kind like natural fish-spa-pedicures).

For more information about Sinkholes in general – visit Wikipedia – Sinkhole

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Google map of Bimmah Sinkhole

Next Photo by Hendrik Dacquin – Some rights reserved

Sink hole, Oman

Sink hole, Oman

Next Photo by Mct-Enigma

Sinkhole, Oman

Sinkhole, Oman

Sinkhole, Oman

Sinkhole, Oman

And as it seams here you can also jump into the pool:

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  1. Bimmah Sinkhole is really God’s marvelous masterpiece! I hope I can do the jump next time I visit there.

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