Airplane wreckage, Iceland

On the Saturday of Nov 24, 1973 a United States Navy airplane (C-47 SkyTrain also known as “Dakota”) was forced to land on Sólheimasandur’s black sandy beach in the south of  Iceland. The crew survived the landing and the airplane’s remains are still standing at the crash site.
The black sand makes the wreckage scene look very dramatic like it was taken out of some apocalyptic zombie movie.
If you want to take photos yourself of the crash site, you’ll have to take a GPS with you and type in those coordinates: 63.459523,-19.364618

For more details about the crash visit the Aviation Safety Database

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Here is the Airplane wreckage as shown on a Google Map (see that little white dot? that’s the plane wreckage):

Next Photo by bluesplayer43

Airplane wreckage, Iceland

Airplane wreckage, Iceland

Next Photo by steingrimurarnason

Airplane wreckage, Iceland

Airplane wreckage, Iceland

Next Photo by Arnold van Wijk©

Airplane wreckage, Iceland

Airplane wreckage, Iceland

Next 2 Photos by Peter Holliday Photography


Black beach plane crash site

Black beach plane crash site

Black beach plane crash site

Black beach plane crash site


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  2. We visited it this week by SuperJeep. If coming down route 1 from the west pass Skogafoss falls and slow at the sign for the F222, On your right you’ll see a section of fence that can be rolled back for access off road towards the sea, just follow the track dead ahead and keep scanning to your right across the river on your right hand side and you should spot it sitting on a rise after a few minutes heading towards the sea, fantastic location and well worth a visit but please dont leave any signs of your visit, its worth preserving for others !

    • Thanks for the info Andrew, its a fascinating site. We’re going to try and find this in April – a quick question : Could you walk from the main road near that fence? We have a hire car but I don’t fancy losing the deposit by taking it off road down that track? I’m wondering whether we should upgrade to something a little bit more rugged than the Toyota Auris (or similar?!) they’ve allocated for us. I’d love to know your thoughts!

      • Hi Andy, it is a very long walk from the road, about 6 miles!. We rented an all wheel drive car, and had no difficulty driving off road, on a sandy beach. Very interesting to see the plane.

      • It is possible to walk it, takes about an hour each way and about 2.5 miles( 4KM) each way. I just did it in the snow the other day, but i recommend getting a 4×4 because it is a very intense hike.

  3. thanks so much for the info. we were able to locate the plane, took lots of photos and found it very interesting to see.

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  6. Hello there! The correct date of the plane crash would be November 21, 1973. Here’s the PDF file to the local newspaper, covering the news the day after:

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  11. This is an incredible and unique place to visit. We even took the kids, and they had as much fun exploring as we did. We also wrote up two articles on it, if you’re interested…

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